10 Watt Color Twinkle LED Fiber Optic Illuminator with Remote Controller

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2pcs 5W Super-brightness LED, 6colors wheel / white twinkle wheel / color twinkle wheel (Optional), -Speed adjustable, -DC 12V input,6colors wheel / white twinkle wheel / color twinkle wheel Optional

6colors wheel / white twinkle wheel / color twinkle wheel Optional

The 10 watt dual port fiber optic illuminator plugs right into a standard outlet and will hold up to 400 .75mm fiber optic strands (200 in each port). The illuminator comes with a color twinkle wheel which is used in star ceilings. The illuminator has a power switch on the back and it also comes with a RF remote control that has the ability to turn the unit on and off and also start and stop the color twinkle wheel. The illuminator also has 3 speed settings that you can set in the illuminator itself.

The installation of fiber optic:
1. Cut the fiber to the specified length.
2. Peel off 4-10cm of the protection cover of the fiber optic, be careful not to hurt the fiber optic itself.
3. Collect all fibers in one bundle. Enlace all the fiber at the 10cm from fiber and with tape. Insert the fiber optic into fiber connector, screw tightly the waterproof connector. Cut the fiber optic smoothly along with fiber connector with hot knife.
4. Insert the whole finished fiber connector into the fiber fixing ring, screw tightly the screw.
5. The installation of the end part of the fiber optic.

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