Plug-in Power Supply Adaptor - 12 VDC Power Supply - [12W - 96W Available]

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Desktop style plastic housing - easy to hide
Operational Temperature Range: 0°C - 40°C
DC Cable Length: 4ft
AC Cable Length: 4ft
Universal AC input: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
available in 12V: 12W, 24W, 36W, 48W, 72W and 96W
Non dimmable - Since the power supply itself is not dimmable, these power supplies are not compatible with AC input triac dimmers (such as the in-wall Lutron brand dimmers).
Output voltage and constant current ranges can be adjusted manually. You can access the tuning ports by removing the rubber stopper on the case.
Startup time can take from 1-3 seconds in order to stabilize output and extend the life of the power supply

The power supply is used to convert AC voltage from the wall to low voltage to power your LED strip lights. The power supplies are very easy to install and come with an AC plug and DC coaxial jack.
They can be used with a variety of our single color output, color changing (RGB), color changing + white (RGBW), and Dynamic Tunable Series LED strip lights. Built to last, they are compatible with the above product's remotes, DC dimmers, and lighting sensors - making it a perfect driver to pair with any of our LED strip lights.
Although you can use all available rated wattage output of a power unit, is recommended to only load the power supply to 80% capacity. This helps ensure the power supply will last for years.
This power supply is small and can be hidden under cabinets, inside cabinets, behind the sofa, or under a desk.

How to choose the appropriate power unit:
1. Choose the Series and length of strip light you will be installing - We will use 5 feet of the Architectural Series Strip Light as an example
2. Keep in mind the recommended maximum run lengths of the lights due to voltage drop - The Architectural Series has a maximum 32ft run length in series. You can hook up more than 32ft to a power supply by installing the runs in parallel
3. Check if the input of your strip is 12V or 24V DC - The Architectural series requires a 24V input
4. Each strip consumes a certain amount of power per foot (watts/ft). That number can be found on the product page of the strip light - The Architectural Series uses 5.12w/ft
5. Calculate the estimated power usage based on length of the light strip - 5.12W/ft x 5ft = 26.5 watts
6. When choosing a power unit, you need to make sure you are only using 80% of the rated power maximum to increase longevity of the power supply. To calculate the power supply, divide the wattage of the strip by 0.8 - Our continued example would be 26.5W/0.8 = 33.12W minimum rated power supply
7. Looking at the available options choose a power supply equal or greater than the number above - In this example, looking from the available options, you would choose a 24V 60W 2.5A power supply [SKU: 24-DPS-2.5]
8. If you are still not certain, or need a second pair of eyes on your setup, we’re always available to help with this part! Contact us.

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