144 LED/m APA102/SK9822 Digital Addressable RGB LED Strip, 1m, 5VDC

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Smart APA102 RGB LEDs, 144 LEDs per meter, 1m a roll, 43.2W/m, 5VDC input, every single lights can be cut.

Input voltage: DC5V
Power: 43.2watt/meter
LED resource: 144 pcs built-in APA102 LEDs (Datasheet)
LED Qty: 144leds/meter, each LED is separately controlled
Pixels: 144/meter
Grey scale: 256
Bits/color: 8-bits/color, 24-bits/pixel
FPC size: Width: 12mm
Colors: Colors: RGB
Cuttable: every LED is cuttable
PCB Background: Black
Optional Waterproof Type:
1. Non-waterproof: PCB (Printed Circuit Board) material with self-adhesive back.
2. Silicon Tube waterproof IP67: enveloped by silicone tube, and with two ends sealed by gel. Without self-adhesive back.
Life span: no less than 50000hrs
Packaging: 1M/reel in antistatic bag

The APA102 led strip uses generic 2-wire SPI (one clock pin and one data pin), so you can push data much faster than with the WS2812B 800 KHz protocol and there's no specific timing required. They also have much higher PWM refresh rates, and less flickering.

This is the 144 LED/m APA102 RGB strip! We also have APA102 RGB strips of 30 LED/m and 60 LED/m.

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