150 Watt DMX512 Metal Halide Fiber Optic Light Source

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Voltage: 220-240V/50HZ or 100-130V/60Hz
Fuse: 5A/250V
Power consumption: 180W
DMX Channel: 1 for I type, 2 for II type or I/O
Colour: white, purple, yellow, blue, green, orange, sky-blue, grass-green.
Colour Temp: 4200K
Size: L295 x W340 x H150mm

Suitable for wide range of Fiber Optic (Solid core or Multi String Fiber Optic)
6000h of lamp life
Overheat protection
UV and X-ray protection
Shutter, with speed adjustable (only II type available)
Standard DMX signal for free program arrangement
Master / Slave function
With 31 programs

Click here to check the manual of  this 150W DMX512 metal halide fiber optic light source

How to change lamp
1. Make sure the power is OFF.
2. Unscrew the screws for LAMP-FIXING BOARD at the back case (see Fig 2. No. 6), draw back the LAMP-FIXING BOARD until the lamp is fully seen.
3. Take out the lamp and change a new one. Avoid touching the glass part of the lamp.
4. Push the LAMP-FIXING BOARD fully contact with the LIGHT SOURCE back case. Screw the screws for LAMP-FIXING BOARD.

How to adjust the lamp focus: Please re-adjust the lamp focus is the fiber optic is bigger than 16mm in diameter. Adjust the screws (3 screws) at the back case on the LAMP-FIXING BOARD.

Placement of the R-150 DMX Light Source
1. Keep the Light Source at horizontal position. Make sure that the two electrodes of the lamp are at horizontal position.
2. If the Light Source is installed on the wall or ceiling, make sure the two electrodes of the lamp always are at horizontal position.

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