2 pcs 2.4G 9W Color Temperature Adjustable LED Bulb with RF Remote, Smartphone or Tablet WiFi Compatible

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2PCS 9W dual white LED bulb + 1pc 4-zone remote control (Requires 2 x AAA batteries -- Not Included). Color temperature of this bulb can be adjusted from 2700K to 6500K. Control range is 65 feet in open air. Multi-Zone function to control up to four separate zones of the color temperature adjustable LED bulbs that can be linked and controlled by one or several wireless remotes or smartphones with the Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub.

Base: E26/E27 (Medium)
Volts: 85~265 VAC
Color: Variable White
Color Temperature: 2700 K/6500 K
Wattage: 9W
Luminous Flux: 850lm
LED Type: 5630 SMD
Beam Angle: 360 degree

The Variable Color Temperature (VCT) LED light bulbs are controlled exclusively through the multi-zone RF remote. Use the following procedures to establish remote links and send commands.

Linking a Light to the Remote
1. Switch off the main power supply to the light.
2. Restore power and within 3 seconds, choosing one of the “Zone On” (–) buttons, keep the button depressed until the light begins flashing. It will flash white 2 times, indicating that the light is now linked to that numbered zone control and can be controlled via the wireless remote.

Activating a Zone
To activate a specific zone, depress the “Zone On” (–) button. The zone is now active and remote commands will only affect lights linked to that zone.

Unlinking a Light to the Remote
1. Determine which zone the light is linked to. This is easily done by testing the Zone On/Off controls for each numbered zone on the remote.
2. Switch off the main power supply to the light.
3. Restore power and within 3 seconds, choosing one of the “Zone On” (–) buttons, until the light flashes 10 times, indicating that the light has been unlinked.

An unlimited number of VCT lights can be linked to a zone. All the lights linked to that zone will display the commands entered on the wireless remote. Conversely, a single VCT light can be linked to multiple remotes. When VCT light is unlinked, it will be unlinked to all remotes.

Note: The wireless remote operates using radio frequency. The remote controller’s use is not restricted by normal obstructions such as walls, doors, etc. Once programmed they can be installed anywhere in range of the remote (up to 65 ft. or 20m).

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