2.4GHz Wireless DMX 512 Transmitter/Receiver, DC5V-DC24V

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This Wireless DMX512 Transceiver transfers DMX512 or RS-485 data without wires up to 1000ft away to one or more receivers. (Supports point to point or point to multi-point), (just set the transmitter and one or more receivers to the same channel).

Note: You will need at least 2 of these units (set one to Transmitter and the other(s) to Receiver(s) 

Input voltage: DC5V-DC24V
Input/output signal: DMX512
Working frequency channel: 2.4GHz ISM 64 channels
Maximum transmitted power: 20dBm
Receiver sensitivity: -96dBm
Communication distance: up to 350m (line of sight)
Working temperature: -20℃~55℃
Dimension: L175×W44×H30mm

Performance Features

1. Use 2.4GHZ RF global open ISM frequency channel, which is applicable for license free worldwide and efficient GFSK modulation. .
2. Compatible with Standard International standard DMX512 protocol.
3. A sending end can configure multiple receiving ends. As long as the receiving end and sending end are set as same frequency point, both sides can communicate normally.
4. 64 channels choices, users can use 64 groups wireless network independently without interference in one place.
5. 4 choices of sending end transmitted power level, visual communication distance can reach 350 meters at maximum transmitted power (20dBm),
6. With self-test inspection mode when need to test the wireless link quality or engineering installation and debugging.
7. Use relay settings mode if need further increase the communication distance. Relay once or many times to achieve the required distance.
8. Multi-usage, can be set up to receive mode or send mode, use very friendly

The product is great for large buildings or building to building use where it is troublesome to run wires. it is also great where you have several buildings or devices you want to be in sync and cant get wires between. Data is sent in real-time and is reliable. it is also a great way to isolate devices or areas so power surges won't travel over wires and damage all your devices.

The product uses the 2.4GHZ RF global open ISM frequency.

pick between 64 channels so you can run up to 64 separate groups in the same area without interference.

Use the relay Settings if need further increase the communication distance.



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