3CH RGB LED DMX Decoder with LCD screen, 8A/Ch, DC5V-DC24V

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This DMX CV decoder is the 3 channels DMX CV decoder, and it has Built-in LCD screen, so its easy to set the DMX address. 16's dimming curve output and built-in DMX signal amplifier. DMX decoders controlled by DMX512 digital console, to achieve 0-100% dimming or different lighting effect; work with single color, two colors or RGB LED lamps. Any color adjusted by console, can be stored into the decoder, and recalled at any time. 

Input Power:DC5V-DC24V
Output Current:8A per channel(total current: 24A)
Output Power:120W (5v) 288W(12V) 576W(24V)
Brightness Control :256 scales 16bit/CH
DMX Address:3 channels
DMX512 Standard:DMX512/1990
Working Temperature: -30℃ ~ 55℃
Product Dimension:L 170×W 64×H 30mm(mm)
Casing Size:172×66×34(mm)

Ⅱ. Basic Functions
1.) 256 scales of smooth brightness adjustment via DMX.
2.) User addressable DMX interface-with easy to read LCD.
3.) High power output, 3 output channels.
4.) DMX in/out and amplifier  for daisy chain configurations.


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