3W LED Fiber Optic Lighting Source

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3W LED Fiber Optic Lighting Source, 12V DC voltage input, can hold 100-200pcs 0.75mm fiber optic

Voltage: 12V DC
LED: 3 pcs 1W high Power LEDs
Power: 3W
Color: White
LED Life: 50000 Hours
Fiber Qty:100-200pcs 0.75mm

Installation of the fiber optic:

1. Cut the fiber to the specified length;
2. Peel off 5-10cm of the protection cover of the fiber optic (if no protection cover,no need to peel off any fiber optic), be careful not to hurt the fiber optic itself;
3. Insert the fiber optic into light engine connector, screw the waterproof connector tightly. Cut the fiber optic smoothly along with light engine connector with hot knife;
4. Screw the whole light engine connector into the fiber fixing ring.

Installation of fiber optic lights: 

Drill on the mounting plate to shape the sign that you need, pass the fiber through the hole, paste the fiber onto the plate with resin glue, then cut the fiber into the requested length(keep the fiber ends 2-3mm away from the mounted board when you are going to install the star sky).
1. please choose the fiber connector with suitable inner diameter according to the total fiber harness diameter;
2. Please make sure the section of fiber optic clear


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