PX403 4 Channel DMX512 LED Driver, 3A/CH, 12-24VDC Input

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DMX Type: DMX 512, DMX 1990
DC Power: 12 to 24VDC 3A per Channel Max
Watts: 144W/12VDC, 288W/24VDC Max
Refresh Rate: 433Hz
Dimming: 256 shades of grayscale per channel
Output Current: 3A per channel (4CH)

This 4 channel DMX driver allows you to connect four channels of LED Lighting to DMX512 or DMX1990 Lighting controllers. Use this product to connect your common anode RGB LED lights plus one single color common anode LED light, or four common anode single color LED lights, LED modules, or LED light strips to a DMX512 Control System. For 12 to 24VDC systems only. Includes one 6' Cat5 cable with RJ45 jack connectors. 3A per channel with a maximum power of 144W / 12VDC or 288W / 24VDC.

Can be connected to DMX512 signal using RJ45 connectors and Cat5 cables. Unit has DIP switches on the side to manually change the DMX address of each driver. Each PX403 Driver uses 4 DMX addresses. LEDs and power supply are connected using screw down style connectors. RoHs, CE approved.

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