DMX RGB Controller 12V-24V High Power 8A/CH

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DMX control or stand-alone RGB controller for 12V RGB LED. 
LCD display – to set 34 pre-programmed mode and speed for stand-alone mode. 
Input 12V-24V DC, Output Max 8A per channel, i.e. 288W
Comes with 2 x XLR plugs for DMX In & Out, plus RGB direct screw terminals
Click here to download the manual of this DMX RGB controller

Press PARA to adjust i: (1-8 is static state, do not have adjust function) 

UP: increase parameter key/preset parameter.
DOWN: decrease parameter/preset parameter.
AUTO PROGRAM mode to set auto-repeat of the preset programs 7-32. RUN TIMES sets the repeated cycle time
RUN TIMES: sets the run time of the pattern under 34 AUTO PROGRAM, if the run times is 0, you can skip (not run) the pattern
Preset parameter: LOAD DEFAULT can recover the factory parameters. If under AUTO PROGRAM mode, using LOAD DEFAULT can recover all factory set parameters.
32 ADJUST MODE is manual dimming, it can adjust the brightness of RGB 0-256 level respectively.
34 DMX512 MODE is controlling all patterns by just DMX address and speed, (the first address) and speed (the second address).
35 DMX512 DECODER is DMX decoder, completely accepting outside DMX512 control. Taking 4 addresses, R(the first address), G(the second address), B(the third address), reserved channel (the fourth channel), Press PARA to set the address.

There are 4 control keys, Mode, Para, Up, Down. Use Mode or Up/Dowen to select the desired program

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