DMX Controller LT-800 with RF Remote

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Working Voltage: DC12 (with an adapter to convert AC100-240V to DC12V)
Power Consumption: <2W
Output Signal: DMX512/1990
Output Loop: 1 Port
Transmission Speed: 250Kbps
Function Mode: 580modes
Control Quantity: 512 DMX channels( 170 pixels)
Dimming range: 0~100%
Working Temperature: -30℃~65℃
Product Dimensions: L163×W108×H40mm
Weight(G.W): 760g

This DMX512 Controller is the output signal of international standard DMX/1990. It not only can control all the LED lights in the market as long as can receiving the standard DMX signal, but also can work with our DMX Decoder to control general LED lights without DMX512. It is easy to operate with a LCD screen. It is easy to operate with a LCD screen. available with wireless control and keying control on the changing modes, speed and brightness, automatic timing and more than 580 modes for your choices.

  • With LCD screen,easy to operate in showing all functions.
  • Built-in perpetual calendar, real-time display system clock, can be set up to play different programs in any time, Monday to Sunday or
  • 580 lighting modes such as, full 7 color, skipping synchronism, smooth synchronism, color flow, color chasing, color smooth and flow
        and Meteor shower trailing, etc.
  • Multilevel changing speed, brightness and RGB grey scale adjustment for your choices.
  • Feel free to define many changing modes into a step, 8 independent cycle steps maximum.
  • Output with international Standard signal DMX512/1990, can control 512 DMX channels( 170 full color RGB pixels)
  • Support different output ports like standard XLR-3,RJ45 and Green terminal. etc.
  • With the functions of anti-interference and automatic breakdown recovery.

Click here to check the manual of this DMX512 controller 

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