High Density 850nm Infrared LED Strip Light, 12V DC, 300 SMD5050 LEDs/roll, 5m/roll

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high density 850nm Infrared LED strip, 60 pcs85nm SMD5050 LEDs, 5 meter (16.4ft) long a roll, 12VDC, 6Amp/roll

Model: 850nm Infrared LED Strip Light with 300 LEDs
Input voltage: DC12V
Current: 6Amp
Power(W/M): 72W/roll
Led Qty: 60 per 850nm Infrared SMD 5050 LEDs per meter
Background Color: White
Optional Waterproof Type:
1. Non-waterproof: PCB (Printed Circuit Board) material with self-adhesive back.
2. Silicon Tube waterproof IP67: enveloped by silicone tube, and with two ends sealed by gel. Without self-adhesive back.
Life span: no less than 50000hrs
Packaging: 5M/reel in antistatic bag

With a video camera in the induction of 850nm wavelength is better than the wavelength of 940nm induction to 10 times. 850nm infrared light such a slight Red Storm have a higher degree of efficiency should be preferred for infrared lights.

850nm infrared receiver is mainly used for infrared cameras, infrared audio outputs, infrared lamp, infrared, IR Illuminator, infrared fences on the shooting area of security monitoring.

Pls Note that InfraRed light is not visible. Do not buy this product for accent lighting or general illumination. It is for special purposes only. Excessive exposure to infrared light may be hazardous. Here is a scientific paper on the hazards.


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