RGB Amplifier for RGB LED Light Strips, 4A/Ch, 12V DC

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This LED amplifier is a constant voltage power repeater and works with 12V DC. It is suitable for all of our RGB controllers to expand power output.

Voltage: 12v
Wattage: 4A/Ch
Output Power: 4A/Ch - 48W/Ch
Number Of Chanels: 3
Size: (L) 4.25" x (W) 2.5" x (H) 1.0" in
Input: Screw terminals for easy connection to stripped power supply wires and a male barrel plug for easy connection to out power supplies .
Output: Screw terminals for easy connection to our RGB Flexible LED Strips or control cable.

You can connect and control up to 4A/Ch of output (4x rolls of our 30/m RGB Flex Strip).
Supports PWM (Pulse-Width-Modulation) control for 0-100% Dimming and Full Color Control.
You can stack amplifiers (2x repeaters connected = 8A/Ch) (4x repeaters connected = 16A/Ch)
Simply connect the output of one of our RGB Controllers (DMX, IR, or RF) to the input of this controller. Then, connect a power supply to the (+) and (-) and connect your RGB LED Strips to the Output. 

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