44-Keys RGB LED Controller with Infrared Remote

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This RGB IR controller can be used to program custom colors, control and dim any of our RGB LED Light Bars and Light Strips. Several different static colors and dynamic color changing modes are directly selectable and adjustable on the IR remote. Up to six different custom colors can be programmed and saved on the six DIY buttons for direct selection.

Operating Voltage: 5~24 Volts DC
Connection Mode: Common anode (+)
Output: (2x) 3 channel RGB wire
Maximum Load Current: 3 Amps/channel (18 Amps total)
Output Power: 216W @ 12V / 432W @ 24V
Overall Size: (L)127 X (W)52 X (H)19 mm
Control Method: Wireless IR remote control
Batteries Required: CR2025 battery for remote (included)
Modes: 32 total (26 static and 6 dynamic)
Function: Program and save custom colors, dynamic color changing, dim and control 3 channel RGB LED products from 0~100% using PWM with remote
Applications: Specific color selection, custom color programming, or color change with speed control modes and dimming capabilities for accent lighting

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