Smartphone or Tablet Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub

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This Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub is compatible with all 2.4Ghz RF LED Controller. After completing this simple setup using just your smartphone or tablet and your existing or new LED lights and Wi-Fi compatible LED controller, you can have complete Wi-Fi control of all of your LED lights in your home.

How to Set up this WIFI LED Controller Hub: 

1. Search “milight” from your iOS device App Store, or search “mi light” from your andriod device App store. Download and install the free app.

2. Plug in Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub to computer USB port or a USB power adapter (as standalone unit) with included USB cord. (5VDC, 500mA).

3. Connect smart device to Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub network. Go to your smart device Wi-Fi settings, you will see a new Wi-Fi network available called “milight” (this is the default network name of the Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub). Select “milight” and connect to it.

4. Run the “milight” app on your smart device when finished installing.

5. Open the “milight” app. Opening the app for the first time will direct you to the “Device List” setup. Select “milight” to connect to the wifi hub, device must be connectable (blue with checkmark). Refresh device list if “milight” is not connectable.

6. Select “Configuration” located at bottom right on screen. Continue by selecting “Wifi Setting” on iOS device or “AP Configure” on android device.

7. The next screen will display all in-range Wi-Fi networks. Select your Wi-Fi network and enter the Wi-Fi password for that network. Then select “OK” to enter password and “OK” again to complete configuration.

8. After configuration is complete, the setup will take you back to the Device List. Refresh list and wait for your Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub to appear active (blue with checkmark) on the Device List. Select the “milight” device to connect.

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