SMD5050 RGB LED Strip Kit with RF Remote Controller and Power Supply

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Package Includes:
1. one roll of 16.4 feet SMD5050 color changing RGB LED flexible strip 
2. 1pcs 12V DC Power supply
3. 1pcs LED RGB RF Remote Controller 
4. 1 pcs 2.1mm x 5.5mm Female DC Power Plug

Model: SMD5050 RGB Color-changing LED Strip Light kit with RF remote controller
Optional Strips:  16.4ft RGB SMD5050 LED strips with 150 LEDs16.4ft RGB SMD5050 LED strips with 300 LEDs
Emitting Color: RGB
Optional Background Color: White, Copper, Black
Optional Water Resistance: 
Non-waterproof: Bare PCB and self-adhesive back
IP65 (silicone gel coated): silicone glue on the surface, and self-adhesive back. 
IP67 (hollow silicone tube): bare strip is enveloped in a hollow silicone tube and sealed at two ends. 
IP68 (silicone tube with silicone gel fill): the strip has a silicone sleeve on the outside, but are also encased completely in a silicone gel on the inside.

The program is as follows:

1. RED - Static Color
2. BLUE - Static Color
3. PURPLE - Static Color
4. GREEN - Static Color
5. YELLOW - Static Color
6. CYAN - Static Color
7. WHITE - Static Color
8. Three Color Quick Change (R/G/B) - Quick Color Changing; Speed/Dimming Controllable
9. Blue/Green/Red/Teal/Pink/Yellow/White - Quick Color Changing; Speed/Dimming Controllable
10. Three Color Gradual Change (R/G/B) - Gradual Color Changing; Speed Controllable- No Dimming
11. Blue/Green/Red/Teal/Pink/Yellow/White - Gradual Change; Speed Controllable- No Dimming
12. Three Color Stroboflash (R/G/B) - Speed/Dimming
13. Red Stroboflash - Speed/Dimming
14. Blue Stroboflash - Speed/Dimming
15. Purple Stroboflash - Speed/Dimming
16. Green Stroboflash - Speed/Dimming
17. Yellow Stroboflash - Speed/Dimming
18. Cyan Stroboflash - Speed/Dimming
19. White Stroboflash - Speed/Dimming
20. R/B CrossFade - Speed Controllable - No Dimming
21. B/G CrossFade - Speed Controllable - No Dimming
22. R/G CrossFade - Speed Controllable - No Dimming
23. Fade Out / Fade In (All Colors / Breathe) - Speed Controllable - No Dimming
24. Random Flash
25. Auto 1-24


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