TH2010-X LED Dream-Color Remote Controller

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Can remote control or button control the light effects of TM1803/TM1804/TM1809/TM1812 and so on..
‹Both of High speed (control the most 2048 point) and low speed(control the most 1024 point) can be choose.
‹Three control output, each can control 2048 point.
‹Auto-save info when turn off..
‹100 kind of effect model in it.
‹10 level speed can be adjusted.
‹The point of active cascade can be adjust and up to 2048.

Remote control (for some item) or button control (for some item) various effect modes. 100 kind of effect modes in it. Also, any effect mode can be customized according to customer’s demand. various play mode: operation mode(effect shift by remote control or button control), free mode(with fixed some effect), auto-play mode(circle play in turn). 10level speed can be choose, the most control point up to 2048, 4-digit LED display. Can be adopted in TM1803, TM1804,TM1809,TM1812. high speed/low speed can be choose( according to IC item and IC pin wiring type. For more details, please refer to related IC files.) if parameter changed, info would be auto-saved when turn off.

Click here to check the TH2010-X remote controller Manual! 

Button instruction:

Mode: mode shift (at power on)/ menu set (at power off)
Speed+: speed+ (at power on)/menu select+ (under menu set during power off)
Speed-: speed- (at power on)/ menu select- (under menu set during power off)
On/off: turn on/ turn off

Operation instruction:

Turn on/off: shift by pressing on/off, (if parameter changed, info would be auto-saved when turn off.)
Speed adjustment: press speed+/speed- to adjust speed during turn on. Digit LED would display”E-XX” during adjusting speed. “E”means speed, XX means speed level(00-10),00 is the lowest, 10 is the fastest. PS: the less cascade point, the faster speed under same level.
Mode shift: press mode to shift under turn on.
Menu setting: per power on just set 1 time. When boost, controller default into turn on mode, at the moment, please don’t press other button( press “mode” would cancel the menu setting chance.), should press “on/off” to turn off (menu setting work just under turn on), then press “Mode” into function setting menu, the digit LED would display”P-HI” or “P-LO”. High speed/low speed can be choose under the menu(P-HI: high speed, P-LO: low speed) by press Speed+ and Speed-. After that please press Mode into cascade point adjusting menu, and the digit LED would display the No. of cascade point, press Speed+/Speed- to increase/reduce cascade point. Please press Mode to save when finished.

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