Wall Mount Touch Screen LED Dimmer for Single Color LED Lights, 12-24VDC

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Voltage Input: DC12~24V
Output current: <8A
Output power: 12V: <96W, 24V: <192W
Static power consumption: <1W
Power mode: common anode
Working temperature: -20 to 60℃
External dimension: 74(L)*120(W)*41.8(H) mm

This single color LED dimmer is adopted with high precision capacitance touch control chip which significantly increases the touch sensitivity and effectively reduced errors in operation.

To achieve a more accurate and smooth adjustment, use the 11 brightness adjustment bars to reach up to 255 grades of static brightness.

Glass panel screen provides incomparable touch feelings for users and ensures smooth operation.The dimmer is also made to be very easy to clean and thus suitable for frequent usage.

You can use this dimmer to work with a variety of LED lighting fixtures. For instance,12Volts LED light bulbs, 5050 and 3528 LED flexible single color strip light, ceiling lights, panel lights etc.

Installation Guide:

1. Gently pry gaps in touch panel with a screwdriver, and then slowly remove the panel cover.
2. Wiring: connect wiring according to your application.Refer to typical application diagram included in the package.
3. Install switch base: mount the controller on the cassette in the wall after connecting the wire, and then nail the screw, fix it on the wall, then install the switch pedestal on the wall;
4. Close up touch panel cover. 

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