Waterproof RGB Strip Amplifier, 3CH, 4 Amp/CH

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Maximum 4 Amps per channel/12 Amps total. Increases the load capability and extend the signal of the universal RGB controllers. Required if exceeding the maximum load capability of any universal RGB controller. 12VDC operation.

Supply voltage: DC 12V
Max load current: 4 Amps/channel (12 Amps total)
Net weight: 100g
Output: 3 channel
Product size: (L)95 Χ (W)52 Χ (H)30 mm
Static power consumption: < 1 Watt
Output Power: 144 Watts
Function: Amplify RGB Signals using RWM

The maximum length that SMD5050 RGB Strip Lights can be commanded by an RGB Controller is 16 feet. If you want to run more than 16 feet of our waterproof strip lighting off of one RGB signal, you will need the Waterproof RGB Strip Amplifier. The Waterproof RGB Strip Amplifier simply copies the commands of your master LED controller and extends them. It's an essential accessory when lighting large areas or in complex lighting situations that require long LED strip lights. 

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