280W High Power UFO IP65 Waterproof Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

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Part #: HK-PG-UFO160

Input Voltage: AC85~265V

Dimension: Dia.400*H190 (mm)


Protection Grade:IP65

Material:Aluminum + PMMA

LED Quantity:280pcs SMD3030


LED Wavelength:460nm Blue, 630nm Red, 660nm Deep Red, 740nm IR, 395nm UV, 6000K White


Dimming:Phase/0-10V/PWM dimmable

Working Temp.:-20~45℃

Application:Plant Canopy

Life Span:≥25000Hours

Finish Color:Black

Beam Angle:120° (60° and 90° is also available)

Suggestion Hanging Height:1.5m

PPDF:54μmol/m2/s/ (1.5Meter); 99μmol/m2/s/ (1.0Meter)






• Full Spectrum UV + IR
Optimized full spectrum ranges from 380-780nm at proper ratio.
Provides hydro & soil-based indoor plants all necessary easy absorbable quantum photons for
photosynthesis process like they are in natural sunlight.
• True 160W power draw plus professional OPTICAL LENS, light penetrates deep into canopy,
boosts dens buds with resinous colas.

*Applications: Hydroponics, Home Indoor Garden, Indoor Greenhouse, Grow Tent
Target Population: Indoor Grower, Greenhouse Farmer, Agricultural Cultivator
*Grow Stages: Vegetative, Flowering and Seedling
Attention Please
*Do not stare at LEDs directly when the light is operational.
*Place Lens side down onto the desk when the light is operational will cause Lens melted.
*IP65, indoor or outdoor use.
*Use products in good ventilation condition only.
*Hang NO LESS THAN 40'' above the plants in case of sun burn.
*Can be controlled by Timer.



* Real Power Consumption: 160W
* UL Approved Power Supply
* 3030 LEDs
* 5 Years Warranty
* PWM/0-10V/TRIAC Dimming 3in1 Function
* IP65 Waterproof
* Package Include:
1 piece of LED Grow Light
1 piece of the plug with wire

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