H801 WiFi Android Controller for Addressable LED Strip Light, DC5V-24V

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Connecting Model: WLAN

Controlled Method: WIFI Control, Android Smart Phone

Input Voltage: DC5V~24V

Load Power: 96W

Channel Power: 0.5W

Output: 5 routes PWM, each 4A




H801WiFi communicates with Android phones via WiFi network to achieve dimming of mobile phones. You can set your phone as a wireless network access point, or you can use a router as an access point. Both the mobile phone and H801WiFi must be on the same wireless network.

The Android mobile phone software is "LED Dimmer", which can control up to 100 lamps, but please note that wireless access points and wireless routers have restrictions on the number of wireless clients. If you want to connect a larger number of clients, you can use the wireless Following.

In addition to driving RGB lamps, the following LED driver ICs can also be controlled: LPD6803, LPD1882, LPD1889, DMX512, APA102, UCS6909, UCS6912, UCS1903, UCS1909, UCS1912, WS2811, INK1003, TM1812, TM1809, TM1804, controlling up to 72 pixels Point, and is overall controlled.



1. Set up a wireless network access point easily through "LED Dimmer".

2. Output RGB three-way PWM signal.

3. Support IEEE 802.11 b / g.

4. Support the unencrypted network and WPA, WPA2 encryption network.

5. The transmission speed is fast, the module sending speed is 4Mbps and the receiving speed is 2.9Mbps.

6. H801WiFi can be controlled independently or as a whole.

7. Automatic connection function when disconnected


Instructions for use

1. View the selected lamps

Start the mobile phone software "LED Dimmer", click the menu on the phone to pop up the main menu.

Click "Select Lamps" to display the interface for selecting lamps. The connected lamps will be displayed here. The status icon lights up to indicate that the H801WiFi is online, and there is a multi-select box at the back. Only the selected corresponding lamps are controlled. If you can't see the lamp here, please check whether the mobile phone and H801WiFi are on the same network.

2. Set the phone as a wireless access point

Click the menu "Settings" to enter the setting interface, select "The phone is set to WLAN AP", enter the name of the access point to be set in the box below the "WLAN AP", "Password" can be entered either without input or if To enter at least 6 characters, then click the "Setting" button. Wait a moment, a blue background will appear in the upper left corner of the phone to indicate a wireless hotspot, as shown on the right.

3. Add the mobile phone to the existing network

Click the menu "Settings" to enter the setting interface, select "Set up a new WLAN AP for phone", wait a moment, a list of current wireless networks will appear under "WLAN AP", please select the network you want to join, if "OPEN" in parentheses indicates that the network is not encrypted, and no password is required, otherwise the password must be entered correctly. Then click the "Setting" button and wait for a while, a sign that you have connected to the wireless network will appear on the upper right of the phone, as shown above.

4. Add H801WiFi to another network

All H801WiFi can join the open network with SSID name "LED168" (that is, no encryption, no need to enter a password), if similar products are in use nearby, conflicts may occur


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