4/16/25/64 WS2812 5050 RGB With Integrated Driver Square Neopixel Light

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Work Voltage: DC4-7V
LED Color: RGB
Grayscale: 256
IC Chip: WS2812
LED Model:5050
Current: 18mA/LED
Outer diameter: 44.5mm / 1.8";
Inner diameter: 31.7mm / 1.2"
Thickness: 6.7mm / 0.3"

The neopixel light with a black square shape and a minimalist shell make people feel comfortable, clean and advanced. Neopixel's IC control circuit shares a power supply with the LED point light source, with intelligent reverse connection protection, and the reverse connection of the power supply will not damage the IC. These square neopixel arduino RGB lights have a built-in signal shaping circuit. After any neopixel receives the signal, it undergoes waveform shaping and then outputs it to ensure that the line waveform distortion will not accumulate. The serial cascade interface can complete data reception and decode through a signal line. Single-wire communication can minimize the pressure on the I/O port of the microcontroller. In addition, this RGB lamp uses the WS2812 driver chip so that the peripheral circuit only needs a capacitor to meet the circuit needs, making the simple and beautiful to the greatest possible extent. Give people the enjoyment of beauty. This square LED light can be cascaded with another RGB light using the same chip through a DOUT output port, regardless of the shape limitation. Any two-point transmission distance does not need to add any circuit when the transmission distance is less than 5 meters. The three basic colours of each pixel lights can achieve 256-level brightness display and complete true colour display of 16,777,216 colours. The current of each pixel maker LED lamp is the same, so the colour of each LED lamp is highly consistent, even if the current changes, it will not affect the brightness of the lamp beads.

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