WS2812 7 x 5050 Addressable RGBW LED Neopixel Jewel Bulit-in Full Color Drivers

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Work Voltage: DC4-7V
Current: 18mA/LED
IC Chip: WS2812
LED Quantity: 7leds
LED Model: 5050
PCB Color: Black
Diameter: 22.95mm / 0.9"
LED Color: RGB+Warm White 3000K, RGB+Cool White 6000K

These NeoPixel Jewels are now composed of three basic colours (red, green, blue) plus warm white (natural white and cool white optional) four colours, can achieve 256 levels of brightness display, complete 16777216 colours of true colour display, Can be used with the controller, DIY your favourite colour, create your favourite colour, neopixel ring is very suitable for you to add colour to the project, creating a wonderful visual impact, making people shine.

We assembled seven tiny 5050 (5mm x 5mm) smart RGBW LEDs on a beautiful circular PCB with mounting holes and a linkable design to create the NeoPixel board we think is the most elegant (suitable for evening wear). Only need to use one microcontroller pin to control multiple LED lights! Neopixel's driver chip is located inside the LED so that each LED can be addressed. Each driver has a ?18mA constant current driver, so even if the voltage changes, it will not affect the colour of the lamp beads. The colour of the light is highly consistent, and no external choke resistor is required to make the design more compact.

Single-wire communication can minimize the pressure on the I/O port of the microcontroller. In addition, this addressable RGBW light uses the WS2812 driver chip so that the peripheral circuit only needs a capacitor to meet the circuit needs, making the circuit simple and beautiful to the greatest possible extent. Give people the enjoyment of beauty. This ring-shaped LED light can be cascaded with another RGB light using the same chip through a DOUT output port, regardless of the ring-shaped limitation. Neopixel LED has reverse connection protection, and the reverse connection of the power supply will not damage the chip.


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