DC5V WS2812B/SK6812 Addressable Flexible RGBW Panel Round LED

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Product Specification
LED Module Type: Full Color 5050 LED Pixel Screen
IC type: WS2812B
LED quantity: 5050 SMDs Optional
Working Temperature: -4°F (-20°C) ~ 149°F (65°C)
Red Wiring colors: 5V Positive / +
Green Wiring colors: Data Signal
Black Wiring colors: 5V GND /V-
Input Voltage(V): DC5V
Output power: 0.3wat/LEDs
Grey scale: 256 levels
Bit: 8
PCB color: White
Wavelength: R 470 nm/G 520 nm/B 620 nm
Lumen: 7 Lumen
Standards And Certifications: CE/FCC/ISA Approved/ROHS
Warantty: 3 years
Lifespan: 50,000+hours
Beam Pattern: 120 degree



1. No heating, low power consumption, suitable for 5V auto power supply;

2. Long service life: 30,000-50000h

3. This product adopts imported Samsung LED wick;

4. Fully sealed and waterproof design (all PVC sealing),100% waterproof;

5. Pressure-resistant, shockproof, soft material, durable;

6. The input voltage of angel eye: DC5V (i.e. general car voltage).

7. Low heat, low power consumption, small size, easy to install, energy-saving and durable, beautiful.



1. Our light source adopts imported Samsung chip, 5050 packages, and its brightness is 3-5 times that of the general light source.

2. The circuit design adopts the method of three series and three parallel to ensure that the defect rate of the product is optimized by 30% on the basis of the original industry standard of 0.3%. The maximum number of 1000PCS is 1PCS.

3. PCB board adopts 2.0mm fr-4 (epoxy glass cloth laminate): after installation of 1.6 or 1.0 thick laminates, the lamp temperature is too high to easily cause deformation.FR_4 fireproof resin material must be able to extinguish by itself.

4. The LED light has no delay, while the traditional glass bulb has a delay of 0.3 seconds.


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