WS2815 RGB 5050SMD Digital Intelligent Addressable LED Chip, 100PCS By Sale

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LED Chip Model: SMD 5050
LED Resource: WS2815 LED
IC Type: WS2815 IC (1 IC drives 1 led chip)
PCB Color: White Available
Protection Rate: Non-waterproof
Size: 5.5*5.0*1.6mm
Power: 0.2Watt/pcs
Input Voltage: DC12V
Working Temperature: -20~50°C
Lifespan: 50000 hours
Beam Angle: 120°
LED Quantity: 100pcs

The control circuit and the RGB LED chip are integrated into a 5050 packaged component to form a complete external control pixel. The 12V power supply voltage effectively reduces the working current of the entire pixel, reduces the voltage drop of the circuit board, and maximizes the consistency of the pixel when it is transmitted over a long distance.

Built-in signal shaping circuit, any pixel point receives the signal after waveform shaping and then output, to ensure that the line waveform distortion will not accumulate. The three primary colors of each pixel can achieve 256 levels of brightness display, complete the full true color display of 16,777,216 colors, and the port scanning frequency is 2KHz/s.
The serial cascade interface can receive and decode data through a signal line. Resumable transmission at breakpoints, additional ┌ signal lines are added to realize dual-channel signal transmission. When a single pixel is damaged, it does not affect the overall display effect. Any two-point transmission distance does not need to add any circuit when the transmission distance is less than 5 meters.
When the refresh rate is 30 frames per second, the number of cascades is not less than 1024 points. The data transmission speed can reach 800Kbps. The color of the light is highly consistent and cost-effective.

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